Select Benefit Services is a membership benefits program geared towards new and existing student loan borrowers providing valuable student loan and financial related benefits. Select Benefit Services offers members worry-free tracking of their student loan payments in order to accurately and efficiently remind borrowers of the annual income submission required to remain part of the income-based repayment plan. Members never need to contact their loan servicers nor track their payments to make sure they keep their low payment plan for the life of the loan.


In addition to the all-important aspect of payment tracking and annual income resubmission, Select Benefit Services members can contact client services for a number of student-loan related services. These can range from simple forbearance or deferment requests all the way to repayment plan modifications. We know every former student faces major life-changing decisions after leaving college. Student loan payments begin almost right away and keeping up with those payments can be a struggle. However, Select Benefit Services takes the confusing part out of the equation so student loan borrowers can concentrate on experiencing the world after college.